DSTS – The Danish Association for Swim Coaches

The board at the Danish Association for Swim Coaches (DSTS) wanted a new direction for the organisation, where I facilitated a process which materialized in a new vision and associated values. The process included the phases below:

Preliminary meetings with the two chairmen (Two? Read below).

– 1st Workshop with focus on the internal organising, individual goals, team roles and the importance of communication internally in DSTS.

– Interactive 2nd workshop with a starting point in the classical actantial model, where focus was on the outside world, DSTS’ current (at that point) and future position in Danish swimming and the relationship to other actors.

– Mapping out of the behavioral changes and target areas necessary to get to the new and desired position.

– 3rd workshop focussing on the new vision for the organisation and, with a basis in the 2nd workshop, the development of a value set.

In the middle of the vision project the board changed it’s chairman which caused a breach in the continuity. On the other hand it paved way for new perspectives to emerge, which could come into play in the revitalization that DSTS was going through.

Morten Hyldelund, who was the chairman at project start, has commented on the process:

Sebastian was very professional in his approach and conducted the job as if he had many years of experience as a consultant. From the beginning, Sebastian showed that he was able to challenge the members of the board to see things in a different perspective and apply an understanding about our association in the process – which I believe is due to both Sebastian’s theoretical and scholarly knowledge, as well as his personal qualities which induces a great level of trust and respect.

I hereby give my warmest recommendations to Sebastian – and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Morten’s recommendation can also be found on my personal LinkedIn-profile.

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