Master Class: Interpersonal communication in strategic networking

Communication skills have are important in relation to your behavioral patterns and others’ perception of you. Your goals, values, intentions and a lot of other things impact your personal communication – which is also interpreted by others on the basis of just as many and different factors. Hence it is a challenge to form an overview of the impression you give, and impossible to control it completely. Paul Watzlawick, who was an Austrian-American psychologist, philosofer and communications theorist, formulated the precept: ”One cannot not communicate”, meaning that all behavior is a form of communication – even the absence of action has the potential to be decoded as being an expression of something.

Copenhagen Business College, Niels Brock organizes a yearly sequence of Master Classes under the subject ’Innovation’ for their innovation students. For entrepreneurs, communication is crucial for success, as the contact to partners, investors and jobs depend on the relations you establish and take part in – depend on your network. The network and how you navigate in it is important for entrepreneurs, and the roads are paved with building blocks made up of the choices you make and the interactions you have with different actors.

Succesful communication in network contexts is largely about interpersonal competence and empahthy. You have to be able to put yourself in others’ shoes, understand their intentions and act on basis of that.

I facilitated one of the aforementioned Niels Brock Master Classes with the title ’Interpersonal communication and Strategic Networking’. The day opened with the establishment of a theoretical frame, which ensured a mutual terminoloy and understanding of the topic. In continuation of that I presented a string of examples from my own experience – sucessful as well as the less positive. Based on the initial framework we had a lively discussion about ”networking”, where the students asked questions and participated with own observations, experiences and new perspectives.

As Anya Eskildsen from Niels Brock writes below, the ability to activate and utilize your network is crucial in today’s society: whether it’s about contact to collaboration partners as for the entrepreneurs at Niels Brock, new job possibilitiies, aquiring new ressources to your company or gain new knowledge, it’s about internal connections in you network.

Call or text me, if you want to hear more about the presentation or talk about how your group of students or emplyees kan benefit from the concept of networking.

Anya Eskildsen is the CEO at Copenhagen Business College, Niels Brock and wrote the following in continuation of the Master Class:
For a Master Class at Copenhagen Business College, Sebastian from StormConnect was engaged to lecture and facilitate a workshop on the topic ‘Interpersonal communication in strategic networking’, where he outlined the dynamics and implications of interpersonal communication. With a convincing theoretical foundation, well-founded reflections and examples from the real world, he provided the students with useful insights on how to act in today’s competitive society where the networking skill is crucial.

Sebastian Storm is able to address the audience at their level and context – and I can warmly recommend his presentation to other educational institutions!

The statement can also be found on my LinkedIn profile.

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